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Washer Dryer Rental, Sacramento, CA

Why bother with the hassle of dragging bags of dirty clothes to the laundromat, spending loads of money and hours of your time watching your clothes spin 'round and 'round and dragging your laundry back home in a rumpled mess? RENT FROM US! Enjoy a washer and dryer rental in your home and save time and money! Call now for details.

At Washer Dryer Rentals, our quality rentals require

    • No Credit Check
    • No Contracts
    • Month to Month rentals
    • Payment Options Available

Just $35.00 a month for the luxury of your own washer and dryer units in your home.  Delivery is  $25 with an installation charge. Call us today, what are you waiting for?

We serve in Sacramento, CA.

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Rent A Washer & A Dryer For Only $35 A Month!
$35.00 Monthly Rental For Both Washer And Dryer! No Credit Check. No Contract. Month To Month. Payment Options Available.
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